Releasing a beta version of a new feature to greatly improve SideCI’s usage flow

Hello! From today, we will start providing the beta version of a large, brand new feature. Since this feature is still in beta and hasn’t been officially named yet, let us introduce this feature by its in-house project name, “Abyssinian”. About Abyssinian Abyssinian is an experimental feature which replaces the current SideCI’s core function(*), commenting … Continue reading ->

Extract Hidden Coding Styles to .rubocop.yml with Gry

We’re happy to announce the release of Gry, an automatic .rubocop.yml generation tool. What is Gry? Gry is a tool which automatically generates a config file for RuboCop (.rubocop.yml). By using Gry, you can analyze your project’s source codes to automatically generate a .rubocop.yml best optimized for your project. Like this, Gry can help … Continue reading ->

Now you can receive “analysis complete” notifications on Slack and HipChat!

Hello! Here is this week’s update info! Now you can receive “analysis complete” notifications on Slack and HipChat! Previously, you could only check if the analysis was complete by the commit status of the Pull Request. Now, you can configure so you recieve a notification on Slack or HipChat when the analysis is complete! You … Continue reading ->

Revision of the Trial Plan, starting November 2016

We have been providing Trial Plans with limited monthly builds at SideCI. However, we have received many feedback concerning this, mentioning that “30 builds a month doesn’t feel like enough to validate it assuming a corporate contract”. In response to this, starting from November 2016, we have decided to revise the limits of the Trial … Continue reading ->

Sorry to have kept you waiting! We have started providing SideCI on GitHub Enterprise

We have started providing SideCI to teams using GitHub Enterprise. Until now, SideCi had only been compatable with the cloud version of GitHub, and were asked to make inquiries indivisually for the Enterprise version. From now on, SideCI can be used immediately with the requierments listed below. Features No fees on infrastructure construction and hosting. … Continue reading ->