Sorry to have kept you waiting! We have started providing SideCI on GitHub Enterprise

We have started providing SideCI to teams using GitHub Enterprise.
Until now, SideCi had only been compatable with the cloud version of GitHub, and were asked to make inquiries indivisually for the Enterprise version.
From now on, SideCI can be used immediately with the requierments listed below.


  • No fees on infrastructure construction and hosting. Only the usage fee of SideCI is needed.
  • All communication between SideCI and GitHub Enterprise are encrypted(HTTPS).
  • Unlimited number of Organizations and Repositories.
    Secutiry Policies, etc. are as follows:


GitHub Enterprise

  • A externally accessible domain name (such as
  • An authorised SSL cetrificate installed to the host of GitGub Enterprise


There are several network requirements concerning the communication between SideCI and GitHub Enterprise. Please contact us for more details.

Usage Fee

The fee structure differs from SideCI for GitHub. Please contact us.
Payment Plans for GitHub are as described on the Pricings Page.

From Application to Use

  1. Contact us from
  2. We will make a visit and explain about requirements and pricings (remote meetings such as with Skype are also welcome)
  3. Initial construction according to network requirements
  4. The time required will depend on current conditions, but is relatively short.
  5. Start Trial
  6. Start Use


SideCI has been used in a wide variety of companies, from startups to public companies.
We would appreciate it if we could talk once more with the people and companies who had inquiries, or had no choice but to give up because SideCI was not compatible with Enterprise, on this opportunity.
We are looking forward to hearing from you at:

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