SideCI made compatible with SwiftLint

Hello! Now you can use SwiftLint in analysis on SideCI. SwiftLint is a style checker for Swift. Warning Example SwiftLint detects extra spaces and redundant codes as like below: SideCI indication Screen Settings Which warnings to enable and thresholds can be configured in the swiftlint.yml file. Also, you can define command line options … Continue reading ->

The version of some analysis tools has been updated!

Hello. It updates information on last week. The version of various some tools has been updated! Update information is described below, please confirm. Update Information Querly 0.3.1 RuboCop 0.48.1 Brakeman 3.6.1 Reek 4.5.6 Rails Best Practices 0.18.0 PHP_CodeSniffer 2.8.1 JSHint 2.9.4 scss-lint 0.52.0 Flake8 3.3.0 TSLint 5.0.0 Go Meta Linter 1.2.1 haml-lint 0.24.0 We will … Continue reading ->

Fighting false detections with LINT tools in abyssinian mode

LINT tools such as RuboCop helps you detect potential problems hiding in your code, but false detections are always an issue. For example, it doesn’t feel right when your LINT tool says that a program like the following has a problem. This is a warning from RuboCop which recommends you use the Pathname#join method rather … Continue reading ->

Revision of the Trial Plan, starting November 2016

We have been providing Trial Plans with limited monthly builds at SideCI. However, we have received many feedback concerning this, mentioning that “30 builds a month doesn’t feel like enough to validate it assuming a corporate contract”. In response to this, starting from November 2016, we have decided to revise the limits of the Trial … Continue reading ->