The version of some analysis tools has been updated!

Hello. It updates information on last week. The version of various some tools has been updated! Update information is described below, please confirm. Update Information Querly 0.3.1 RuboCop 0.48.1 Brakeman 3.6.1 Reek 4.5.6 Rails Best Practices 0.18.0 PHP_CodeSniffer 2.8.1 JSHint 2.9.4 scss-lint 0.52.0 Flake8 3.3.0 TSLint 5.0.0 Go Meta Linter 1.2.1 haml-lint 0.24.0 We will … Continue reading ->

Extract Hidden Coding Styles to .rubocop.yml with Gry

We’re happy to announce the release of Gry, an automatic .rubocop.yml generation tool. What is Gry? Gry is a tool which automatically generates a config file for RuboCop (.rubocop.yml). By using Gry, you can analyze your project’s source codes to automatically generate a .rubocop.yml best optimized for your project. Like this, Gry can help … Continue reading ->